Eating is one of my many favorites. It sheerly satisfies me and there’s no better  feeling than by simply doing it. Like what the popular DJ would always use to say on his FM Kapwa Radio Station Program here in Manila, hayahay!

One mid-morning of Saturday, after work, I went straight to Mall of Asia to treat myself for a delicious food. In my search for a cuisine that’s unusual for me, I ended up Yakimix Restaurant. This establishment caters Japanese dishes served in a buffet style at huge variety.

It’s my first time though and it finds me surprising because you are the one who will solely cook for your own food. Your table has an attached cooking stove in the middle where you can grill all the foods you’ve chosen from the displayed long table inside.

It was twelve thirty in the afternoon when I arrived in the restaurant. The tables when I entered inside were overwhelmed with customers. I have no choice then but to eat outside in Al fresco. It wasn’t bad after all because the view of the shimmering sea while jovially glancing toward the horizon was fascinating. The foods were delicious. I kept on coming back for more that I’ve almost tried all the food that was displayed. My stomach undoubtedly swelled to the max and I spent P724.00 all in all.

To add a little serving of excitement after my lunch, I rode a giant Ferris wheel a few steps across the restaurant before I left Mall of Asia. The view on top was beautiful.

It was indeed a hayahay weekend for me.


~ by sherwinportillo on May 8, 2012.

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