I’ve always been fascinated about nature and its unfolding sceneries. By jovially glancing, it keeps my mind relax, rejuvenate and soar my imagination boundlessly. Thus, a week of constant work without giving a healthy diversion to myself would make me feel implicitly exhausted.

I noticed this alluring haven every time I would pass across the Pulunan Steel Bridge along Trece Marteres in Cavite and this beautiful stream underneath always finds me captivating. One time, I visited it and took some pictures barely to satisfy my yearnings and to generously share what I’ve got to all of you most especially to those who have the same passion of interest with mine.

It was half past three in the afternoon; I leisurely walked down the set of slope flights beside the steel bridge. The weather that day was excellent. There were many visitors who had gone swimming in the flowing water. I observed that there were cottages that have been built alongside the gushing rivulet. The stream has been emblazoned by fresh green hue and big rocks. Its natural beauty is beautiful. It finds me mysterious.


~ by sherwinportillo on May 2, 2012.

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