The cab ceased me in front of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Authority –NAIAA Terminal 3 Departure Area. I opened the car’s rear door, hopped myself, closed it back and ambled obliviously inside the terminal building. Jerking my head up was utterly blinding. It would flicker the glaring rays of the sunlight into my eyes.

This time, I am heading once again bound to the Queen City of the South for my third consecutive month official business trip.

I’ve been used to ride Cebu Pacific Airlines ever since. It’s not only a few distance away from our hangar, the terminal building is clean, new and huge enough to accommodate a great number of passengers. There are boutiques of signature items and arrays of food chains inside. If you are travelling light, checking-in to your flight destination is easy. You don’t need to go through the long queue because it’s all computerized. In just a short pace of time, by barely clicking the computer inside the building, your electronic boarding pass will slowly eject outside the printing machine. That’s how comfortable these days compared before.

I arrived in Cebu at past three of Saturday in the afternoon. It was a safe and smooth flight. The weather was excellent and the panoramic view on top fifteen minutes before we landed the airport was fascinating.

I’ve got the opportunity to attend the Sunday mass at Birhen sa Regla church in Opon. The church at five o’clock in the early morning schedule was overwhelmed with people. Cebuanos have always been religious ever since. Their religious vow is very strong.

I took some pictures after the mass while going around and had the chance too to have a breakfast at my favourite carenderia. Their steaming “tinowa na mamsa” was utterly delicious. The simple living lifestyle in this island is really captivating.

It was Monday when our client’s aircraft arrived in Mactan Airport with only three passengers on board. The GLEX 5000 type is so beautiful. It was configured to be commodious inside. My illusions of dreaming one would make me crazy. It was a smooth ground handling operation. The captain was grateful to me that in return he had given me a generous amount of tip. I didn’t expect it. It was surprising indeed.

My stay would not be complete without exploring the island. The beaches in So-ong and Maribago are beautiful. It’s suitable for scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming. It’s a true gift of nature indeed that Sugbohanons have been thankful for. Mactan Island is a helluva place that everyone must try and visit.

Before I flew back to Manila, I experienced to have a lunch at Waterfront Hotel. The foods are devilishly delicious and the ambience is truly flamboyant. It was a memorable experience for me.

In Cebu, you’ll never be blue… Yes, it’s true!


~ by sherwinportillo on May 1, 2012.

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