It was 2:30AM of February 14. While I was on my deep sleep, I awakened by a gentle pat. It was from Cathy’s. She’d waken me up to prepare myself on our trekking adventure in Mt. Pinatubo. She and our other two Indonesian friends, Harry and Emilia were already done packing their things. Excited, I hurriedly clad my ebony jacket without minding to take a bath. What I had in mind then was that, it would only be useless to wash my body. It only smudges again once I am on the verge site of our exciting adventure. And, it didn’t fail me. The inkling of my intuition was implicitly right.

We took a Victory Bus Liner Company en route to the town of Capas in Tarlac. The weather at 3:30AM when we left for Manila was beginning to turn out well. I was worried the day before because the rain had been unstoppable. Thankfully, it eventually ceased.

We arrived in Capas at 5:30AM. The wee hour of the early morning was still dark. We were the only people walking on the street.

We went to Mc Donald a few meters away from where the bus had dropped us to meet our contact and to buy some edibles. After the exchanging of cordial messages, our contact had introduced us to the driver whom would tend us to our whole day adventure. The driver drove us straight to the

Department of Tourism Office to register our names. Visiting the outskirts of Manila has always been fascinating. The rustic setting would always remind me of my province.

Going to Mt. Pinatubo requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle before trekking the mountain up to its peak. It takes 1 hour travel time again before arriving the starting point. On our way going there was exciting. The car would make to stagger due to its bumpy and winding roads.

The trekking was tiring yet fun and enthralling. The gushing of water in the rivulet and the chirping of birds along the way were relaxing. The pronged sceneries of the mountain were amazing. It was like naturally chiselled out to form into various shapes and slopes that would make you agape due to its grand panoramic beauty.

The crater on top when we finally arrived was beautiful. The exhausted feelings had been wiped out when I saw the spectacular view. The three hours of walking was gone instantly. The azure lake and the cool breeze were mollifying. The hair on my skin had bristled due to the unbelievable creation I witnessed. It was indeed marvellous. It was the most memorable valentine’s date I’ve ever experienced.


~ by sherwinportillo on April 30, 2012.

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  5. I like it Wang :))) 😍 cheers to more adventures and best dates with my dear :))

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