If the Baclaran church is overwhelmed with Marian devotees every Wednesday, Quiapo church too is flooded with Black Nazarene devotees every Friday. One time, I’ve got the chance of visiting the place but not on Friday because I know for a fact that it’s going to be chaotic.

I rode the Light Rail Transit (LRT) from Baclaran to Carriedo. In my case, it’s the fastest way to go there and nearest in the office. The terminal in every station where it stops is always full with hustling passengers. You must always be alert whenever riding it because you do not know when the rowdy pickpockets would attack you.

Quiapo church is located at the heart of Quiapo itself. The place when I arrived is swarmed with sidewalk vendors and people walking along the streets. Quiapo is a district and city square of Manila. It is referred to as the “Old Downtown”. Its name derives from the water cabbage (Pistia Stratiotes), which is named Quiapo or Kiapo in Tagalog. This church is visited by millions of people every feast day of the Black Nazarene.

Aside from its illustrious church, Quiapo has also made a name in selling cheaper goods, pirated music and movies, veritable army of fortune tellers, stores offering herbal products, native handicrafts, electronic stuffs and if you’re inclined into photography, it’s the haven for all brands of cameras with a little percentage cheaper than in department store.


~ by sherwinportillo on April 28, 2012.

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