If you want your vacation to be filled with excitement and adventure like trekking, rock climbing and swimming into cerulean water on summer, “Laswitan” is the excellent place for you. When I had the chance to have a short junket in our province two summers ago, my girlfriend who visited this alluring haven a couple of times invited me and my other two siblings together with her friends to have a tour into this unspoiled hiding place.

“Laswitan” is located at the small village of Barangay Uba in the town of Cortes. It’s a 30 kilometers away from the province of Tandag, Surigao Del Sur. The villagers are used to call it “Laswitan,” which comes from the root word “laswit” meaning the belching of surfs that forcefully flow down into the protruding ebony hue rustic rocks coming from the pacific sea.

On that Sunday early morning, we rode together with my other two siblings a jeepney from Tandag going to Cortes. Prior to what we’d both agreed we’re going to meet each other at the crossing intersection of Cortes and ride again together as one group bound for “Laswitan” using the car of my girlfriend’s pal.

 Riding a private vehicle is the best way to go there because there’s no transportation that would tend the tourists. Otherwise, you will rent a private motorcycle to transport and fetch you back into the main high way. Trekking the three kilometers (back and forth) is the best possible way too if you’re not in a hurry.

En route to our destination inside the village is really enthralling. You can see thick shrubs, wild ferns, a huge plantation of coconuts and other kinds of luxuriant trees that freely grow into the concave side while going along the unpaved winding roads. The place is nothing really fancy though but you’ll be marveled by its rich in nature.

“Laswitan” is sprawled out along the shoreline and situated beside the projecting  slope bank a kilometer away from the main unpaved road. To go down, you have to take the steep course and the man-made narrow soil flights slowly because it’s very dangerous to be tripped and slippery when wet. The same scenario on your way going up, you need to scramble.

At the site, you can see a small lake that surrounded by rough ledges which is ideal for rock climbing especially on low tide. By mounting on top, you can jovially witness the tranquility of the pacific sea while glancing toward the infinite horizon.

“Laswitan is simply beautiful. If you want to visit this place, you are required to bring along with you a light pocket of extra shirt, a little amount of edibles and a bottle of water because it’s going to be a very challenging and grueling one.


~ by sherwinportillo on April 28, 2012.

3 Responses to ““LASWITAN – IT’S FUN!””

  1. thank you,,jsleigh14.

  2. the best!!!!! im proud…. taga uba baya q….. heheheheh

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