It was Friday evening, while lying in bed on my way to sleep, insomnia hit me. Maybe, the habit of drinking a mug of brewed coffee at night was the reason why I hardly veer out to slumber and keeping me to wriggle myself intermittently. While my mind was still wandering, the idea of going to Tagaytay in the morning suddenly bobbed up into my mind.

Tagaytay is truly mesmerizing. It never gets me tired to keep me from visiting the place.

While I was having my joy ride along Welcome Rotunda in Tagaytay the following day, I saw a squad of local Tourist Guides. They were incessantly eager on inviting oncoming visitors for a boat ride at the placid lake. Curious, I instantly inquire. The total trip costs P1, 500.00. I asked to haggle for the price since I was riding alone. The Tourist Guide then said that he would ingeniously look for more interested guests for me so that I can have a share to pay the total package rate. In short, the price was eventually cut down to one-half. It was not bad after all and it undoubtedly lead me to conquer Taal Volcano for the very first time.

Going down to the waterfront with our Tourist Guide using my motorcycle took us 25 minutes. It was a bit far. The paved roads on our way to descend are completely winding and steeply slope. It is advisable to the new comers to drive slowly and carefully.

Our Tourist Guide brought us to the Green Lake Resort. It’s where the pump boat is moored. The resort found me pleasant and clean. It has a mini-swimming pool, a kiosk and five cottages made of bamboo and nipa hut. I barely learn then from our Tourist Guide when he told us that the place that we had been standing by was no longer a part of Tagaytay but Batangas. And, that town is called Talisay.

Riding jauntily the pump boat in traversing en route to Barangay Pulo, Batangas was simply breathtaking. The cool breeze was mollifying. The ripple of the forest green water was devilishly alluring to dive and go swimming freely away from the boat. I witnessed a league of Herons jovially flying and preying for food on that day. The scenario reminded me when I was still a lad and when we were still living with my family at Barangay Camagong in Tago. We used to ride a pump boat with my father whenever we would go to the town to buy our weekly provisions.

Barangay Pulo is a mountain that protruded in the middle of the lake. It’s where the Taal Volcano is located. The residential inhabitants on the area would use to offer their horses as a way of transportation in helping the tourists to ride them up to the highest crest if they don’t like to trek. It’s also their major source of income aside from fishing. In my case, I indulged to ride the horse and paid 750 pesos.

My adventure at the summit of Taal was very dusty. It’s advisable to wear mask, long sleeve shirt to cover your body, hat and to bring a bottle of water. It took me one- hour-and-a-half to travel riding a horse. The dwellings of the residents were mostly shabby when we passed by along the pathways. It was surprising too upon knowing that Taal Volcano has been one of the most visited destinations in the Philippines by many foreigners mostly Koreans.

Taal Volcano is simply indescribable to the feelings most especially if you’re already situated on top. Its panoramic beauty is marvellous. The emerald water on the crater is uncreased. It taught me to appreciate and value more the God’s remarkable creation.


~ by sherwinportillo on April 26, 2012.

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