Surigao Del Sur is my province. It is located in the southeast of Mindanao with a far distance of 660NM away from the capital city of the Philippines. I am now currently destined to work in Manila though but I would sometimes find a way to go home once in a while.

My province is bounteously endowed with gifts of nature. To have a short glimpse, I will take you through to some destinations as a way of giving you a notion of how rich in nature our province is.

From Manila, I flew a commercial flight going to Butuan. Intermittent rain was happening when I arrived. But then again, it was a smooth flight despite of the gloomy weather. Perhaps, it’s because of the La Niña madness that affects the environment.

In leaving for Butuan, I took a van going to Barobo to catch a connecting ride en route to the town of Hinatuan. This is where the Enchanted River is located and my first destination on my list to be visited.

Enchanted River is 12kilameters away from the main road. Its crystal clear water and the shades of colors that you would see once you’re there are very delightful. The wonderful thing that made me flabbergasted is that it doesn’t change the hue of the water to turn out to be murky even if many people are swimming gleefully into this alluring haven. It’s truly marvellous. Habal-habal is the only source of transportation that serves the tourists if travelling without a vehicle.

Hinatuan is a captivating town indeed. Though undeveloped yet, but its unspoiled tourist attractions like the sprawling beautiful islands that can be found at this place aside from the Enchanted River are absolutely fascinating. I had a chance to have an island hopping and to my surprise, I experienced goose bumps due to its spectacular gifts of nature that it unfolded to me.

After Hinatuan, I took a bus going to my second destination which is Mangagoy to see the beauty of Tinuy-an Falls. Unfortunately, I arrived when the twilight sunk in. It was too late. I had no choice but to sleep for an overnight then. Mangagoy is barely a barangay of Bislig but it is more renowned and lively compared to its city. It’s a bit ironic.

I rose up early in the morning the following day. I was thoroughly excited. I left for Mangagoy at 6:45 in the morning riding a Habal-habal again bound for Tinuy-an Falls.

I admired the rustic setting while jovially riding along the bumpy unpaved roads. The luxuriant sceneries are everywhere. Tall trees, dangling vines, thick shrubs and ferns are overwhelming the jungle ubiquitously. The wind blow is cool too.

I arrived in Tinuy-an Falls with an unstoppable rain. The gushing of cascading water along the multi-tiered ledges is utterly strong. I wasn’t able to go up on top because it’s very dangerous. According to the care taker, the wild current will only subside to its normal condition after three days if the weather is continuously getting well. I didn’t force myself then. I ended up taking pictures a few distance away from the falls. My summer get away to our province this year is a different experience. But all the same, it was exciting and unforgettable as ever indeed!

Come and visit Surigao Del Sur. It is a promising place to explore.


~ by sherwinportillo on April 24, 2012.

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