Revisiting Gourmet Farms

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We want our food to be organic, fresh and certainly no preservatives added in cooking. And, who doesn’t like wellness anyway?

In Silang, Cavite there’s this farm called Gourmet Farms that cultivates organic foods from vegetables to herbs. I’ve been here before though.

Because I’ve got an unexpected day off from work, I took the opportunity to visit again.

I love their restaurant, for it is adorned with beautiful masterpieces. This restaurant is owned by an organic farmer/ businessman named Ernest Escaler. Escaler is the chairman of the Asian Cultural Council (ACC). Its role is to broaden the horizon of any artist, whether it’s visual or performing by getting the chance to be trained and see the other side of the world. Those adorned paintings are for sale.

Inside I ordered their best seller pasta called Gambas Pasta. It’s delicious and a little bit spicy. I’ve had a great lunch.

Gourmet Farms is located at Km. 52 Aguinaldo H. Way, Silang Cavite.


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Of Cornerstone Pottery Farm

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Pottery to those who are into it can make tasteful examples in decor and can be a source to embrace artistic expression. However, it needs a considerable skills and experience to have a high artistic merit.

To make this thing happen, it is made by forming a ceramic (often clay) body into objects of a required shape and heating them to high temperatures in a kiln which removes all the water from the clay, which induces reactions that lead to permanent changes including increasing their strength and hardening and setting their shape.

In Silang, Cavite there’s this pottery farm called Cornerstone Pottery Farm that creates beautiful and unique pieces, a perfect giveaway for special occasion. My love for art has led me to this place.

This pottery farm is owned by Ej and Eva Espiritu. The couple also offers pottery lesson. (For more details, contact 0919-9952022).


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My Ube Muffins

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I’ve been looking for Ube in the wet market near my home but I couldn’t find one. Therefore the thought of going to Mahogany Marktet in Tagaytay yesterday was my option.

Using Ube as the main ingredients for my muffins found me interesting. Its purple color not only attractive, it’s delicious to be eaten too.

Thankfully I found the aforesaid in one to the stalls there. I was so happy after paying what I’ve got and excited as I went back home riding my motorbike.

Today I tried to bake a muffin with that ingredient. I added it with a teaspoon of cinnamon and nutmeg. Ooh, the result was perfectly flavorful.

Here’s a picture of my finished product still fresh from the oven.



Double Chocolate Muffins

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The joy of baking has always been close to my heart, for we siblings were exposed in the kitchen when were still kids by our mother. Therefore, my kitchen today is seemed to be like having a cooking demonstration show, complete with the necessary requirements for my Double Chocolate Muffins. Baking has been my indulgence whenever I have free time at home since I acquired a new oven lately.

I love muffins. Not only perfect for coffee, it’s easy to prepare.


Yellow Jeep

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Erol Ozan once said that we can’t understand a city without using its public transportation. Therefore here’s a yellow jeep of Olongapo City which I captured and rode today when I was there to pay for our company’s monthly obligations.

My Lear 35 Jet Experience

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I am grateful, for I’ve been blessed with extraordinary privileges.  Thus, my special thanks to those people behind this trip, for I couldn’t write anything here on my blog without the aid of them.

God is indeed good to me.

When our sister company had an international flight lately, I was the one being chosen again to do the facilitation of clearances. I loved being commissioned like this, for I can stay in a hotel and eat delicious foods.

I was ready to depart last Friday at four o’clock in the afternoon using a commercial airline going to Puerto Princesa to tend the VIP flight the following day going to Malaysia when the top management of our sister company decided to evacuate the planes from Manila to Palawan, for the course of the super typhoon named ‘Ruby’ was apparently looming on its way.

The scenario reminded me of Ambrose Bierce that said: “calamities are of two kinds: misfortune of ourselves, and good fortune to others”. I was thankful  for that calamity, because it turned out to be a good fortune to me and without it I wouldn’t be able to ride a Lear 35 jet in my entire whole life.

We arrived in Puerto Princesa after an hour without having any discomfort at all. It was a smooth flight. There were no thick clouds wrapping up on us that would cause the aircraft to stagger while traversing above the blue sky.

Every time I go to Palawan our sister company would always let me stay at Fersal Hotel. I love this hotel, for the room is clean; you can’t hear any noise from the hallways outside; the staves are friendly too.

Thus, when the plane that I had been asked to commission to do the exit clearances departed, my crew companions took a day tour just within the vicinity of Puerto Princesa. Their itineraries were Crocodile Farm and Baker’s Hill. The three crews were first timers to visit those destinations. I’ve been to those places though; however, I decided to join them, for it was boring if I had to stay at the hotel. Thus, I joined riding a rented van going to those places.

Our first destination was the Crocodile Farm. After we registered our names at the registration area, we were directed to the lobby just behind the door where the registration area was located for the orientation given by the personnel to all tourists who would love to enter and see the crocodiles inside. The information included some facts of the crocodiles and some precautionary measures for the safety of everyone.

Inside the lobby, one could see the displayed skeleton of a huge crocodile that was framed with transparent glass. I couldn’t help to imagine myself if I were to be eaten greedily alive by such. Horrible indeed! Needless to say, I highly recommend this destination, for it’s interesting and lots of information anyone can get while listening to the tour guide inside.

After the Crocodile Farm, we went to Baker’s Hill to try their thin crust pizza. It was delicious and the customer can freely see how it was prepared. I also love the garden inside, for it was cool with fresh air and there were lots of colorful birds like Peacock inside. This place was thronged with visitors while we were there.

At night, we went to Ugong Grill for dinner. This restaurant was an open space establishment thatched its roof with Nipa hut and made of wood. It was truly relaxing while listening to the live Bossa nova music sung by a female artist inside. The foods were also flavorfully cooked. It was a lovely evening filled with beautiful music, interesting people, good food, fun and laughter. It was indeed a travel that’s so luxurious and can’t be forgotten.

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Of Creative Mind

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This picture reminds me of Steve Job’s saying that says: “everything around us that we call life was made up by people that were no smarter than us. We can change it. We can influence it. We can build our own things that other people can use”.

If you happen to visit Mactan Cebu International Airport, there’s this tiny eatery beside the gate on the International Arrival Area that will truly catch everyone’s attention whenever you get inside.

Who can really tell that rubbish made up of worn-out boat, tin cans and used ‘Komiks’ can be used as materials to create a unique interior design?

The connection of ideas certainly doesn’t happen unless we explore a little.


I was in Puerto Princesa

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I believe in the saying that if it’s meant for you, it’s really meant for you.

It was on Saturday early morning this past weekend; I woke up by the chirp of my mobile phone. It was a text message coming from the manager of the Flight Dispatch Department of our sister company saying he needed a help on Tuesday because he had an international flight on that day. Further, the aforesaid told me to come to the office as soon as I received the message.

Riding my motorcycle, I arrived at the office after an hour. My mind was still a bit dizzy, for I was drinking a bottle of strong ale and a few shots of brandy in my abode as my way of diversion after a week of work a night before. My being lazy to have a soiree with others outside has been abated my interest these days. I like more to stay home whenever I am not busy.

When the Flight Dispatch Manager and I met, he told me instantly that the flight was in Palawan. Again he’d chosen me to go there, for there’s a conflict of his flight schedule according to him.

On that same day, he asked me to buy a round trip air fare ticket.  I was excited, for there’s another story which I could write on my blog again.

Therefore, I left for Manila at four o’clock past in the afternoon on Monday. It was a smooth flight and I arrived in Puerto Princesa after an hour and a half.

After disembarking the aircraft I headed straight to Fersal Hotel, along with me was our contact person in the airport that able to meet me at the run way as soon as I got off the plane, to check-in myself and to inquire if the CAAP Permit had already been sent; for that was an agreement between me and the Flight Dispatch Manager before I left. This was the hotel where the crews of the aircraft stayed too.

Because the crews were already there two days before I arrived, in stand by position, for there might be another changes on the flight, I met them instantly at the lobby of the hotel. They were about to leave to have a dinner outside. And because I had to finish my task still, I wasn’t able to join them.

It was past seven when we got the PNP Exit Clearance. The sky was pouring with heavy rains when we went out to leave the PNP Office. And because it was already dinner time, our contact and I went to one of the tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa called ‘Boulevard’. This was where we ate our dinner riding our contact’s tricycle.

This place is beautiful if the weather is fine, for the cottages are open and you could feel the fresh air that gently touches your skin at night. Moreover, it’s a perfect place to do exercise too. It’s truly relaxing.

We ordered ‘Sinigang na Isda,’ Lato’ and Grilled Pork. The ‘Sinigang’ and ‘Lato’ were so fresh and delicious. I almost devoured the ordered food except the Grilled Pork, for my companion doesn’t like to eat sea foods anymore due to the abundance of it.

Because my time was limited and the weather was not good, I simply went back to the hotel after the dinner. But before that, I took the picture of the place to have my own recollection. I could’ve taken more pictures on the surroundings but it was still raining; therefore, I refrained.

I woke up early the following day. In the hotel’s dining area, where I enjoyed the buffet breakfast, I joined with the crews eating our meals together. I also took them pictures before they took off heading to Brunei to drop the passengers at one o’clock in the afternoon.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, on that same day, I also flew back to Manila using a commercial air line. While inside the airport terminal I was busy composing this story and almost missed my flight. Our mind truly becomes unmindful if we are focused on something. Thankfully, our contact person approached me again to remind me. I was the last person to get out the boarding area.

My time in Puerto Princesa was limited to indulge an escapade; but needless to say, the fortune of going to travel for free was truly an opportunity to be thankful for. I had fun.

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I was in Aroma Beach Resort

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The engagement of having a picnic at the beach this month is fun and exciting, for the weather is on its glory in the Philippines. The cloud is painted in azure and the sun is brightly shining. Therefore, it’s truly at its best.

When my neighbor adjacent to my house was having a family bonding yesterday, they invited me to join them. It was a memorable experience, for we went to a resort in Naic, Cavite a few kilometers away from our home.

The resort was called Aroma Beach Resort. Most of the cottages here were made of Bamboo and Nipa, a modest sanctuary to spend time with our loved ones and to those who are in a tight budget.

I had fun. I enjoyed taking photos and shared with them my version of Italian Spaghetti that was generously garnished with Parmesan Cheese.
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Of Thai Art and Culture

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“Art is a special faculty of the mind that can be characterized as a reflection of life, expression and communication of expression or other qualities.”

Every country has its distinct identity by exploring to know more about their art and culture. Like in Thailand, however, this country has a rich history and an equally rich art, craft and cultural heritage dating back hundreds of years. There have been various external influences to Thai art and culture including Asian and Western influence and these outside influences however have simply become a part of what makes them who they are today.

When we were in Grand Palace in Bangkok, we were marveled by its occasional golden and mirror inlaid sparkling temple, sprouting among the rooftops. The curved gables and carved deities were a reflection of an age old custom that was passed down from artisan to artisan. The Temples were a showcase of various forms of art from painted murals on doors and walls, to sculptured Buddha images in different poses depicting the ‘attitudes’ attributed to the Buddha. It was indeed an evocative example on how we can identify them being rich in art and culture country.

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